Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cognos SDK Training

Been in Cognos SDK training for the past 3 days..It was great..Now I know what is and what isn't possible with SDK. A whole lot of times when you say something isn't possible you get a question whether it is possible with the SDK and I never could ever respond to that cause I didn't know whether it was or wasn't. So this training has now helped me answer that.

The thing about SDK is that whatever is possible with the Cognos tool is what is possible with the SDK. Basically you can use it a lot for automation like creating a screen for managing users, getting a list of Cognos objects / reports and so forth. I am still looking for real world examples wherein this can be used. If someone out there has been using the SDK you could probably share your experiences with us.

One great thing I got to know is what is called as Cognos Mashup Services or CMS in short which according to me is a hot thing. I will post more about this in another article.

And here's another tit-bit that I got to know - the next version of Cognos in all probability is going to be called Cognos 10 and would be released in the 4th Quarter of 2010.


Prashanthi said...

Where can I get Cognos sdk training

Anirudha Padmawar said...

I have one issue
our database table column changes dynamically and we want to reflect those newly added columns in report.
today we have 10 columns so we added 10 col in the report ...tomoro table changes and we get 20 col in table so those 20 col shud come in report dynmically manual intervention
Can you please suggest?


Sara Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the share, this was timely! Cognos Training | Online Training

BI Solutions Inc said...

Where can I get Cogons SDK training from?

attain chandu said...

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Pooja Sharma said...

Cab you share usage of SDK to implement below scenario :
Whenever new table/ column update in the database, it should auto populate in Fm model and the same to be available in the package for the users with the help of Cognos SDK.


naveen kumar said...

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A2Z Excel said...

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