Monday, August 2, 2010

Tree Prompts Explained

A Tree Prompt provides the user with ability to navigate levels in a hierarchy easily and select members across Levels or even select multiple levels within a hierarchy.

I have covered below a few points on Tree Prompts

  • To set up a tree prompt filter, in your report embed a prompt function inside a data item

    Example: To display only a selected Product Hierarchy members / levels and associated revenue:

    [Sales and Marketing].[Products].[Products]->?Products?

  • To create a multiselect tree prompt, change the expression to -

    set([Sales and Marketing].[Products].[Products]->?Products?)

  • To display members of levels starting from a particular level -

    Example: Display a Tree Prompt that allows users to select members or levels starting from Product Type.

    In the query associated with your tree prompt, drag the level from which you wish to be able to display members and descendants and set this as the use value for your tree prompt.

  • Default values can only be hard-coded selections.

  • To use a Tree Prompt in a Macro -

    set(#promptmany('Products','memberuniquename','[Sales and Marketing].[Products].[Products].[Product type]->:[PC].[@MEMBER].[951]')#)

  • Tree prompts are based on Dimensional model, but you can still create Tree Prompts using a Relational Model which I shall explain in a later article.


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