Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Adding Comments to Saved Report Output Versions

This is a new feature that I came across in Cognos 8.4. This is not to be confused with adding comments on on-demand/interactive run reports that developers keep asking for (this feature is available with Cognos 10 though).

Requirement: Create a Sales report and schedule it to run once every month and save the output to Cognos Directory with a burst label identifying the month the report was executed for. Allow users to add comments to the burst output.

Step 1: Create the required report (not going into the details of this unless someone wants me to).

Step 2: From Cognos Connection, select the "Set Properties" action. On the report tab, click on Advanced options and check the "Enable comments in saved output versions" option.

Step 3: Burst the report.


Step 4: Open the report output version, notice the "Add Comments" icon at the far right-end of the screen.

Step 5: Set comments and close the report output version.

Step 6: Re-open the report output version, notice the comment added earlier.

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