Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My First Fusion Chart

Thanks to the articles provided by PaulM I was able to create a simple FusionChart. But a disadvantage that I discovered with the integration using embedded object method as mentioned on the FusionCharts website is the non-support of rendering charts with pure JavaScript option using this method.

Since we have some users who would like to use iPad/iPhone for viewing Cognos reports in the future this would not be an optimal solution for us. I wanted to highlight some such limitations provided in the FusionCharts website so people can make informed decisions regarding such integrations.

"When embedding using OBJECT/EMBED method, only Flash charts will show up. Additionally, features such as JSON data support, managed printing in Mozilla based browsers and enhanced browser-specific error handling would not function as well, as they are dependent on the FusionCharts JavaScript class."

Also when using pure JavaScript rendering of charts not all features available with the flash charts are supported. Like the scroll bars available for flash based charts that I was really impressed with are not available in the JS version of the charts. Hoping that this would be addressed in future releases.

I am still working on the CMS and JS rendering approach due to the limitation discussed above. Hope support for JS rendering of charts using object embedding method is brought out in future releases.

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