Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Importing Objects from FM into Other FM Models - Drawbacks

There are so many issues when trying to use this feature provided by Cognos. For a simple activity I tried importing 2 Data Source Query Subjects from Physical Layer of Model A into Test Layer of Model B. But the objects got imported into Physical Layer of Model A. To add on to my woes, it also imported a whole lot of other objects that had no dependency on the imported Query Subjects. These objects were Functions. So don't know if this has to do only with functions.

Another issue I found with this approach is that relationships between imported objects also get imported. And unlike Data Source based imports where users are prompted to choose to either create relationships or not, in case of model based imports this option is not provided requiring me to manually look up the imported objects and clean out those not required.

Copies of source model packages were also created which may be because the imported objects are part of the source model packages.

This is a powerful feature when you want to save time by re-using objects designed in other models but with all the issues listed out above, it seems to be a painful feature to use for the time being, until Cognos fixes these bugs. What can make this feature easier to use apart from fixing of the bugs would be options to select the kind of objects to import like 'relationships', 'calculations' etc. that may be dependent on the imported objects rather than having Cognos import all such dependent objects.

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