Thursday, July 5, 2012

Defect - Conditional Variables based on Members + Drill + Render Variable

There are times when you would want to use conditional variables to hide/display drill through links in a crosstab. If your condition is based on levels its easy to achieve this using levelNumber roleValue. If your condition is based on member names then there is a possibility that you may run into errors under the following scenario:

  1. Report has a conditional variable to drive the display of links and
  2. Report has a ParamDisplayValue layout calculation that has Render Variable set on a completely different conditional variable and
  3. You drill up/down on the member and then you select a value in a report page prompt and re-run the report you may run into the error: RSV-RND-0089 Failed to evaluate expression
This does not happen if you remove the render variable property on the layout calculation or you select prompt values and then carry out a drill activity

To avoid this, create a caption() member, set that as a property of the row member and modify the condition to be based on this member.


rakesh said...

Post title is really good... why i din't get this idea???

Anonymous said...

Hi All --> I need to Change Member Caption of a member in a Hierarchy set.

Suppose if a Hierarchy had 3 members and their captions are as below.

Hierarchy 1
MemberName Caption
Member1 ABC
Member2 DEF
Member3 GHI --> I want to change GHI to "XYZ" while displaying on crosstab report. The Member 3had other members (under it) MemberA ,B and C.
I am able to change the display but when drilling, it is displaying "XYZ" for all the submembers(MemberA ,B and C) of Member 3 as well. I know the best option is to make cahnge @ cube but wanted to know if there is anything that we can implement at the report level. Any idea/suggestions on accomplishing this?