Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cognos Deployment Across Environments - Part 2

This is a continuation of deployment topic. We would be focussing on the import options for the archive. Import is fairly simple. Once you have the archive copied over from the source system to the target system, follow the below steps to do the import:

Step 1: Navigate to Content Administration from Launch > IBM Cognos Administration > Configuration

Step 2: Click on the New Import Icon.

Step 3: Select the Archive you wish to import.

Step 4: Provide a name for the import activity. You can save the activity without running the import ad can run it a later point of time.

Step 5: Most options are disabled as they are imported from the export settings.

Step 6: You can set the owner of the imported objects. Please refer to notes on this from Part 1. Click Next.

Step 7: Review the options and select Next

Step 8: Select options to save the import and run once or save the import and schedule it for a later date or to save only.

Step 9: Click Finish

Step 10: If you had selected Save and Run once, then select the time you wish to run this import at and click Run.

The reports or packages are now imported into the target environment.


Anonymous said...

Really good work and very helpful. Thanks Zephyr

Smitha Goswamy said...

we have a case, wherein we created export which has new versions of existing reports. After the import to new env, should the modified date of all these reports change to the import date (the date on which import was done)?


the modified date of reports in new env match the old env ?

Zephyr said...

Its the date from the source environment.

Smitha Goswamy said...

thanks Zephyr

Another problem we r facing is :
I imported a modified FM package to another environment, where it was already existing, so i have overwritten the existing one but i still see that the reports that were using this package are still pointing to old package.

To avoid it, we have to open reports manually, and report asks that the pkg is updated, and thats how we updating and saving the report.

Any idea, where we are going wrong.. ?

Zephyr said...

Hi Smitha,

When you publish packages there is an option to Enable versions which is by default checked and has a value of 0. Uncheck this option and publish the package.

This will avoid maintaining of versions of the package on your environment and thus your reports will always point to the latest published package always and you do not have to save reports each time.