Friday, March 19, 2010

Refresh Button Cosmetic Issues

Just noticed that my refresh Button doesn't look the same in all reports. The refresh buttons in some reports seem to have a at least 10 px of extra space at the top between the outer frame of the button and the text inside the button. And I don't have any padding set anywhere near the button. I copied the button onto an empty report and still noticed the space.

This may sound too trivial an issue, but would you believe that this was a UAT comment received and so had to be fixed.

After some time of investigation I discovered that the reason for this was that Font of Arial 10pt had been set for the text and in some this had been set for the button and the text inside the button. Setting this in both the places resolved my

My refresh button Specs (cause this doesn't happen for all specs):

Class: Button
Size: Width - 2 cm Height - 0.6 cm
Font: Arial 8 pt

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