Monday, June 28, 2010

Event Studio 8.4 Issues

I am running into a weird issue while using Event Studio. There have been a couple of issues that I have noticed while working with Event Studio [Cannot Burst Report Views with Cognos 8.4]. But the latest one is the strangest.

I have reports in a particular folder in prod. Since we are on 8.4 and not 8.4.1 we cannot burst report views. Hence we burst the reports but save the output in report view by setting the option "Save as Report View" to checked.

Now we need to have some reports emailed to the users. The "Attach link" doesn't work in E Mail Task as we have 8 report task in our event. So we created 2 events and included the 1st event as a task in the second event to get them all to run as a single event would.

This throws an error every time we run the event. The error message reads " not have permissions to update/delete the object...." and the path provided is that of the report. Obviously we do not have write permissions to the report folder.

But the question is why is it trying to save / delete the existing report?? Testing this out on dev where we have write permissions on the report folder works fine. The report view is created and report outputs are saved in the report view but then the Modified Date of the original report is changed. This is not expected and is unacceptable in our case.

This happens in the case of master-child event scenario only. If we run both the events separately one after the other no issues but the original report's modified date is changed. We are planning on moving to 8.4.1 so that we can burst the report views and have the original report untouched.

Any one else has faced this issue?

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