Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bursting Explained - Part III

Links to Part I, Part II.

Scenario 3: Separate Burst Group, Burst Recipient and Report Queries.

In this case all 3 queries are separate.

Example: Burst a Sales report based on Sales Regions that has 2 lists in them and make all the sales reports available to all users through Cognos Connection Directories.

BurstGroupQuery (Master Burst Group Query) - Sales Region

ListQuery1 (Detail List Query 1) - Year, Sales Region, Revenue

ListQuery2 (Detail List Query 2) - Year, Sales Region, Sales Target

RecipientQuery (Detail Recipient Query) - Sales Region, Recipient

Create Master-Detail Relationships between Master Burst Group query and Detail List Queries. Create Master-Detail Relationship between Master Burst Group query and Detail Recipient Query.

In this example the master burst group query is run once, the data set is retrieved, for each record retrieved the recipient query is run once and the data set is retrieved. Again, for the master query the detail list queries are run once each for each record and data is retrieved.

In the above case:

Master Query - Run Once, 100 records retrieved.

Recipient Query - Run 100 times and 1 record retrieved each time.

Report Queries - Run 100 times * 2 report queries


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, very helpful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zephyr,

I could could set up the bursting process based on the above, but 1 user gets 4-5 report pieces. The burst group is the Region and one person can have access to multiple regions and in this case multiple burst reports are sent out to the user.

How can I set bursting to send out only one report per user which contains all the region information he needs?


Amy Bihl said...

Based on the three parts of the Cognos and Me Bursting Explained.
I have been working on different renditions of my report and while I had some successful bursting tests along the way yesterday I had a problem. Each of my pages in my report went to every email in my contacts table. Ugh
I have one query that creates my report and is grouped by a dept field. The query is also my Burst Group query and is grouped by me dept field (ALLOCDEPTCODE)
Then I have a query that gets a table of the email(s) for each department. This table has a DEPT and an EMAIL column.
It looks like from part III of documents that I missed doing the Master detail relationships in the Burst Groups.
It seems logical that this would cause the problem that I encountered. Does this sound like the error that caused each page of the report to go to every email contact ??