Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Multi Tab Portlets cause CPS PAG Error

When using Multi Tabs portlet as the first tab in Cognos Connection, users might run into CPS-PAG-4801 error. The error is not consistent and refreshing the page renders the multi-tab portlet without error. THis does not happen when the multi tab portlet is placed after any of the other tabs.

This has been logged as a defect and is due to authentication information not being passed on to the portlet when used as the first tab.

The only work around is to use a HTML Viewer and have the URL for the Multi Tab portlet included in the HTML Viewer.


Anonymous said...

getting this error too :(

Anonymous said...

Yes me too

Zephyr said...

It would be great if everyone running into the issue can log a defect with IBM so that we get a fix soon.

Unknown said...

Hello, maybe this can help you. the problem is that the consumers group doesnt have the execute permission for Report Studio. Grant the permission, validate that the users dont get another capabilities and thats it.