Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cognos Insight

To add on to what has been mentioned in the previous article, this new component from IBM allows users to pull in data from a number of sources and not just TM1 as I had wrongly assumed.

From a licensing perspective this requires Advanced Business Author role or above for BI and TM1 contributor role or above for TM1. The tool integrates with Cognos 10.1.1 and TM1 10.1.

Here's what else I could find on IBM site:

You have all the capabilities of the Insight Standard Edition plus:
• Import data from existing Cognos reports
• Share files using the Cognos Connection portal
• Publish and distribute content to the server for managed deployment
• Extend content created with Insight to other Cognos tools and interfaces like mobile and Web
• Use Insight as the interface to contribute to a managed planning process

Since this is a stand-alone desktop tool, I am curious as to how it fits architecturally with other Cognos components and how requests are executed. Since it supports in-memory analysis is this in-memory analysis handled on BI server or on the client machine? And if it uses a TM1 engine behind the scenes, how do requests flow when reports are used as sources?

If anyone has any inputs, questions, concerns as always please let us know.

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