Monday, February 14, 2011

Cognos 10 - Scheduling Features

Came across an IBM Supportlink article mentioning a new scheduling feature available with Cognos 10 that I think is really helpful.

There are many times when you wish to schedule your report to run once every x hours but on certain days in the week and only between certain time range on those days. This was so far not possible up until Cognos 10. Cognos objects could only be scheduled to run once every x hours or only once on certain days of the week, a combination of hours on week days was not possible.

With Cognos 10, users can now schedule their reports to run once every x hours on certain days of the week between certain time range on those days. You can read up more on this on IBM support link article.


chiragnirmal said...
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chiragnirmal said...

Hi Zephyr,

First of all I would like to thank you for creating this blog. Its a very useful resource for all cognos developers.

Now my question for you: Is it possible to provide a button or link in a cognos report that will schedule the current report view to be sent to them by email as excel attachment daily at a time entered by the user.

Currently its possible to do the same using a 24 step procedure which is very hard for users to remember. This procedure has been described very nicely at

I would like to make whole process automatic and allow users to use this functionality more easily.

Thanks for your help.

chiragnirmal said...

Hi Zephyr, Thanks for your Input. This seems like a big project. It will have to wait.

Anonymous said...

I, where's the link you mention? Thanks!