Friday, February 25, 2011

Remap to New Source in FM

Very recently found this option really handy in FM. This option is real useful when you have a model already built and at a later date there are changes to the tables being used with the possibility of an existing table getting dropped and the information being made available in another table or in a new table.

Dropping a data source query subject would invalidate your business layer and in earlier versions of Cognos this would result in re-designing and re-developing certain sections of the model. This has now been made easy with the "Remap to new source" option available on model query subjects. With this option you can remap individual columns in a model query subject to other columns in your physical layer.

You can also remap multiple columns at one go by setting options to match columns from the source to target and then drag all columns from the data source query subject to the model query subject and Cognos will automatically remap the various columns based on the options set. This is useful when your query subjects contain a huge number of columns.


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