Monday, November 7, 2011

Drills and JavaScripts - Conflicts

Most times, we have javascript codes inserted into our reports. Some of these codes could be harmless ones like displaying obects in tabbed modes. But it is advisable to analyze the impact of such code from an entire report functionality perspective. Dimensional reports with drills enabled re-run the reports with the drilled in objects and re-running reports may not be the intended functionality when you have JS codes.

Simple example, let us consider a report with JS for tabs displaying a chart and a crosstab with the chart being the default object displayed. User selects the crosstab tab and then drills up a level. Result, report displays the chart object at the drilled up level (if chart and crosstab use the same query items) since re-running the report re-runs the JS code and displays the default chart object. The user, instead might be expecting to see the crosstab report at the drilled up level.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zephyr,

I am fortunate enough to come across your blog on Cognos. Can you please share any reports ie. tasks which can help me gain knowledge on Cognos from fresher perspective. FYI, I am new to BI stream but eager to learn. Thanks in advance.


Zephyr said...

Hi Ajay, Sorry for the late response. You can start by practicing the samples provided in the user guide.

Then the best experience you can gain is by trying out some challenging requirements posted on the Cognos forums.

I believe you learn more only when faced with challenges.