Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cognos 10 Prompts - New Features

As has been pointed out by Ziegenbart in his comments, with Cognos 10, you needn't use any Javascript to modify the value prompt title line. Cognos 10 provides properties through which you can control the first 2 lines of the prompts.

User Contribution [Ziegenbart]:

I've been using the properties of the value prompt itself to either customize or remove the header text. Super simple and no need to use javascript with the disclaimer that there is no guarantee it will work or won't break. (I'm using Cognos 10 btw).

The default selection for the "Header Text" under "Prompt Text" for the value prompt is "Automatic".

Click on the ellipsis to the right of "Automatic" in the "Header Text" property. Change the selection to "Specified text" and leave the text field empty.

The first two lines of the Value Prompt are now removed.

You can also use this to customize what the first line says to meet business needs by entering some text (e.g. "Please make selection")

You can manipulate many of the presentation elements of a value prompt using the properties menu.

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