Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cognos 10 Chart Properties

While I was on the subjects of Cognos 10, thought I will write about some properties of the Charts that are positioned differently between the older versions of Cognos and the newer ones as I don't want people to get frustrated like I did trying to find some properties with the newer version.

The Line Style and Marker properties are now positioned on the Palette dialog box which according to me isn't meaningful.

I had spent considerable time trying to find these properties out that had almost given up with the newer charts and had planned on using the legacy charts and opening a ticket with IBM. Hope this helps others in some way.


Laura Hayes said...

Thank you!!! And yes, odd to have this property as part of the legend, especially when legends can be hidden entirely.

irving said...

I still cant find it. Are you using legacy charts?

Anonymous said...

Irving, I found the Palette by clicking on the chart icon under the Series (primary axis) in the upper right portion of the chart. Once clicked, you will see properties for 'Line'. The palette property shows up in this list of properties.