Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cognos 10.2.1 DQM DMR Defects - Part 2

Drill and Re select Dimension with Render Variable - Behaves differently if measure is based on data item vs measure based on prompt macro.

If 2 members are defined - one with a token prompt macro and another with an MDX expression defined on top of the first data item. If member sets are defined on the 2 members and drill behvaiour set for the first member to replace expression and the second expression to preserve. Drill up/down on one dimension and then resetting dimension and then drilling up/down does not work.

Prompt Macro and MDX Expressions - topCount with token prompt macro

Not all MDX expressions work on prompt macro. topCount does not work on a data item that has #prompt(,'token')#.

Prompt Macro and MDX Expressions - roleValue with MUN prompt macro

Not all MDX expressions work on prompt macro. roleValue does not work on a data item that has #prompt(,'memberUniqueName')#.

Periods to Date does not work as expected with any expression in the 2nd argument in CQM mode.

It has to be a member for the right result to be returned. Even if the expression returns a member, PTD does not work correctly and returns only one period. This is only in CQM mode.

I will list out a couple of Workspace defects in the next article.


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