Monday, May 19, 2014

10.2.1 DQM DMR Defects - Part 1

This is going to be quite a long list so am listing out only a few important ones and most of them relate to prompt macros and drills. These are all against 10.2.1 DMR model using DQM mode. I am  not going to explain in detail with images unless someone wants me to since there are too many. I will update the article with Defect Numbers as we receive them.

For most of the defects the report has a crosstab with prompts on the report page to dynamically select rows and measures and a period tree prompt to select the columns. The report has drills enabled.

Level Label Calculation does not work as expected when using prompt macro and drills.

When we use a data item with a prompt macro for crosstab rows to dynamically select the dimension, have drill enabled and have a query item to get Level Label using the prompt macro data item the level label does not get captured consistently.

When we switch between dimensions in the prompt and then drill up/down the level label data item does not get reflected.

To disable member and data cache at report level for testing, query is set to use DB only and Use Local Cache is set to no. This causes charts to work incorrectly.

Report has a period tree prompt with chart and crosstab displaying periods selected in the prompt. With Use Local Cache set to No, selection of periods in the tree prompt returns "No Data Available" message.

Prompt Macros with Data Item names in Value Prompts do not work

If the value prompt Use Value is set to a Data Item name rather than a level then drilling up on one of the dimensions and then re-setting the dimension prompt to another dimension does not have any effect.

Prompt Macros with Filter Calculations in Value Prompts do not work

Same as above except if the use value is set to include a filter expression then re-setting dimension does not work.

Drill and Prompt on same hierarchy - Drill up returns to selections made rather than following dimensional hierarchy.

Select 2012, Q1 2012, Q1 2013 and run report. Drill down on 2012. Drill up on Q1 2012 takes you back to 2012, Q1 2012, Q1 2013 instead of showing list of years which is confusing to the users.

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